When the moon hits your iPhone

Over memorial day weekend I got the chance to spend some time with a friend’s computerized telescope. I snapped a few pictures with my iPhone through the eye piece. I got a few nice shots of the moon as well an impressive mobile phone pic of Saturn! My photography, however, is no longer limited to a point and shoot. I have recently acquired a Nikon D3200. So far I’m really enjoying it and I’ve already ordered a new 35mm prime lens for it. I’ve primarily been using it for work, taking pictures of some local school facilities to be displayed at the school district office. I will post a few of those pics once they are finalized.

Get in line

I’ve been lucky to be very busy lately. I’m currently wrapping up the design phase for my first building project, hence the lack of updates here. One of the more interesting elements in my current project is a large canopy with an transforming column pattern supporting a long central beam. Before finalizing the pattern, I did some quick sketches using processing. While doing these, a typo resulted in a very interesting effect so I thought I would share it here. As new radial lines are draw from the left corners, their intersections create an interesting curving effect. It’s also interesting to observe how the consistent imperfections in the method the computer uses to draw the lines results in some interesting patterns as well.