New Year Honey

A new year and the end of another long posting hiatus. I’ve recently had to take on more responsibilities at work, leaving me with less time for “extracurricular” actives. It seems that when time is short, this blog is the first thing to get ignored. However, overall I feel good about the number and quality of posts I made over the course of last year. While none of the work I posted was particularly sophisticated, I still managed to average about two posts a month. I’ll be happy if I can maintain that pace through the coming year, which should be very busy.

One of the projects I’ve been working on is an interior with a honeycomb motif. I did a few initial sketches manually to show the client the idea. But, now that we have the approval to take the design in this direction, I’ve started using processing to more thoroughly explore the possibilities and develop a more robust system. Here is the very first result, showing a random distribution in a hexagonal grid with three states: void, outline and solid.