Vimeo killed the radio star

In addition to renderings and models, I have generated a number of videos to present some of my projects. I definitely want to be able to show some of these off because they are often the best way to see self organizing systems really come to life. I uploaded a number of videos to YouTube, and when viewed in HD they look pretty good. However when I tried to embed some of these videos here, I found that you can’t make embedded videos default to HD. This is a problem because YouTube’s video compression is pretty terrible, especially for images with lots of complex detail like most of the videos I want to post. All the artifacting makes the videos look a mess and I really don’t want to rely on the people viewing my blog pressing the HD button on the video to make it not look terrible.

So I decided to give Vimeo a try. I had seen Vimeo used here and there, but never really understood what advantage it offered over YouTube. However most of the artists and designers I follow seem to use it so I figured it was worth a shot. While the integrated social aspects of the site don’t really interest me that much, the video compression is a massive improvement, allowing me to embed videos at lower resolutions without horrible compression artifacts. The only major downside is the file size cap for free accounts which prevents me from uploading HD versions of some of my longer videos. If I continue to use Vimeo I will probably upgrade to a premium account and upload the better versions, but for now here are a couple samples I’ve uploaded so far.