Hue sat bright in Athens

Inspired by artists like Kim Asendorf and Jay Mark Johnson, I wanted to explore pixel manipulation of images. I felt a good starting point was to just try sorting all the pixels in an image. I used a simple bubble sorting algorithm that marches along from the first pixel to the last pixel. A pixel is swapped with the next pixel if, for example, the next pixel has a higher hue value. The results of that operation can be seen in the first image. The next sorted image is sorted from the most saturated pixel to the least. Both images started as a photograph of the School of Athens, an image I selected at random from a Google image search for classic art. There are two key points to note about the results. The first is that the pixels are considered to wrap from the end of the one row to the beginning of the next row, and swapping them if necessary. The second thing to note is that each image only evaluates one factor, and there are no competing criteria. These are the two points I want to change in my next sketches.