This is the first update of my new website. I have two intentions in starting this site. First is to create an online portfolio for my work. I will gradually update the work/portfolio section, adding new projects regularly. This will be more in depth than a traditional portfolio. I will be exploring the methods and tools used in each project and discussing their successes and failures. As I work though this process I will be sifting through my archives of work, sorting and formatting them in a clear way. So in addition to creating a portfolio, this process has the added benefit of helping me sort though my work as I create a digital archive.

My second intention in creating this site is to create an online outlet for my ongoing explorations and everyday thoughts. Again this is not so much for the benefit of others (though I do hope my experiments and reflections are of use to someone) but more to help focus my own work. It will give me a medium and format for sharing my work that will require me to actually finish projects and carry them beyond just sketches and making them into something worth sharing. I feel this is important because finishing projects is a skill in and of itself. While a rough sketch may satisfy my own curiosity, I need to be able to carry those ideas forward taking into consideration presentation and clarity. This should have the extra benefit of demonstrating that I have the ability to create for others, and not just for myself.

I am also jumping headfirst into a new set of tools that I am not completely sure how to use. WordPress is built for blogging specifically, and I’m not 100% sure yet how I’m going to go about formatting a portfolio. I made the decision to go with wordpress after looking at the online portfolio of one of my favorite code artists, Robert Hodgin. However he appears to be using each post as a portfolio project and I’m not sure I want to mix the two different intentions of my site by putting my blog posts in the same place as my portfolio. For now my next step is to add the resume and contact sections and become more familiar with wordpress.