License and Registration

It’s been one year since I moved to Houston, and it’s been a very busy year. I feel like I have been constantly trying to do five things at once. But hopefully this can begin to change now that I have finally completed one of my more daunting ongoing tasks, getting licensed to practice architecture. Today I received my official registration as an architect in the State of Texas. It marks the ultimate conclusion of a process I started over a decade ago, and it feels great to be done with it.

LicenseIf you are unfamiliar with the process of getting an architectural license, it begins with getting an accredited college degree. For me, this meant going to graduate school to get my Masters in Architecture. After that you have to complete the Internship Development Program which generally takes around three years of working at an architectural firm. Finally you have to pass the Architectural Registration Exam which currently consists of seven separate exam sections that are divided between questions and graphical vignettes. Now that I have passed all the tests, I can bring to a close what has been a major chapter in my life.