Genome Lab

I’ve got a working version of the Color Genome Lab I made set up online. You can check it out by clicking on the image below. I decided to link to it on a separate page because it loads a bit slowly and I didn’t want it making my front page sluggish. I actually finished it on Monday, or at least I thought I had, but I ran into several compatibility issues with processing.js. The biggest problem being that I had used some text for the UI and apparently processing.js does not support text. So I had to do some redesign on it to make it work without text. The only other major problem I had was getting the slider that adjusts the mutation rate to work. In the end I had to add a couple buttons to increase and decrease it. I also had to upgrade the wordpress processing plugin to use the newest version of processing.js which took care of some graphical bugs. So now, 2 days later, I’ve finally got it up and running. Check it out!